Colto alle Bolle

Spumante Rosé

A blend of Sangiovese and Pinot Noir produced using the Martinotti method, Colto all Bolle is a lively, palate-pleasing sparkling wine. The marriage between the king grape of Tuscany, Sangiovese, and the elegant Pinot Noir creates a wine with fresh, vernal aromas, delicate on the palate and yet delightfully zesty.

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Colto alle Bolle

Spumante Rosé


Sangiovese, Pinot Nero

Meleto, San Piero, Poggiarso

The Martinotti method (long Charmat) is used during the secondary fermention, allowing for a slow fermention of 45 days at a low temperature and 2 – 3 months on the lees.

The pink hue is wonderfully brilliant and the perlage is lively and continuous. The delicate effervescence of the bubbles compliments the enjoyable freshness that makes this wine pleasing and easy to drink.

8-10 °C

Excellent as an aperitif, these bubbles pair perfectly with appetizers and delicate fish and shellfish dishes.