Vin Santo

del Chianti Classico DOC

The Chianti tradition of our Vinsanto begins with a special method of harvesting the grapes. This technique allows us to hang the bunches vertically within our stunning vinsantaia, thus beginning the natural drying process. Trebbiano is used in addition to a small selection of Sangiovese and Malvasia. After the drying, vinification takes place in partially filled caratelli and is followed by a very long aging period before the golden nectar is ready to be tasted.

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Vin Santo

del Chianti Classico DOC


Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera, Trebbiano Toscano

Meleto, San Piero

Fermentation and maturation take place in sealed carati, traditional small barrels, of acacia and cherry wood and kept in rooms with great seasonal variations in temperature. The carati are only filled 70% and aging in the caratelli lasts 4-5 years.

Amber-colored with characteristic notes of dried fruit, honey, and apricot tied with hints of vanilla and spices. Velvety with great structure and roundness. Persistent finish with pleasant lasting freshness.

16-18 °C

Traditionally paired with cantuccini but also perfect with fois gras, pâté and aged cheeses.

alberese, clay, galestro

Wine Spectator 92 pts
Vini Buoni d'Italia 3 stars